Benefits of Hosting a Course

  1. Cost Savings - (Hosts receive discounted registration, e.g., 30-50%, course textbook discounted (approx. 30% off) and participants receive cost savings due to not having to travel to a course (which typically will save an individual participant approx. $1,500-2,000)
  2. Team Training Continuity - (Since all team members receive the same training at the same time, all members are on the same page in regards to the instruction and its application, which facilitates further practice and refinement of skills among team members but also the training immediate application to their clientele ) 
  3. Recognition in Therapeutic Community - (The course is advertised to the therapeutic community and the HOST receives recognition in the advertising)
  4. Student to Instructor Ratio - A 12:1 Instructor Ratio is utilized for most courses providing the participant a positive learning experience. 

Requirements for Hosting a Course:

  1. We require adequate lighting and ventilation for space the course is held in
  2. The Space requirement is dependent upon the number, e.g., adequate space for 12 (6 massage Tables), which would require about 400 sq ft. vs 24 (12 massage tables), approx 500-600 sq. ft- just need adequate space for movement and instruction 
  3. 12 per course is a minimum number now- we previously did 6 but this number is just too small. Now, the host can have 6 as long as we have another 6 attending from outside that is fine
  4. The facility should have an emergency action plan, how will an emergency be handled if one occurs during the course
  5. AV support or assistance if we are using their AV/LCD, etc. 
  6. Tables and chairs for the number served or instructed, e.g., 12 = 6 tables and chairs, 24= 12 tables and chairs (some hosts are ok with requiring their participants to bring their own tables, which is ok, this is done often for massage therapists because they typically have their own tables.


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