Lower Quarter PRT

In this session, lower quarter PRT techniques and clinical approaches to specific pathological conditions are addressed, such as plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band friction syndrome and others. Course attendees also receive a comprehensive overview of surface anatomy coupled with one-to-one instruction on how to appropriately palpate tender points and trigger points to enable the treatment of them with positional release therapy as well as instruction on how to perform a myofascial scanning evaluation. Course attendees also receive basic instruction on lower extremity biomechanical influences that can serve as myofascial restriction triggers. Total CEUs for this course are 6.0 EBP (Evidence-Based Practice) CEUs and 4.5 CEUs for a total of 10.5. 15.0 CEUs are offered for the LQ and Gait Analysis Course, 6.0 of which are EBP (Evidence Based Practice) CEUs.

pdfSample Lower Quarter PRT and Gait Analysis Agenda
pdfSample LQ Agenda

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