Registration cost for our standard course offerings is $425.00, which includes a minimum of 10.5 hours of instruction, 6.0 of which is offered to ATs as approved EBP credit. However, cost is reduced for those hosting a course.

Attendee registration price is reduced for Hosted courses; student cost typically ranges between $100-$150 and professionals $200.00-$350.00. The price range is affected by the make-up of the course,  e.g., students vs. professionals or a mix of both and what resources are avaliable from the host, e.g., space, equipment, tables, etc. Hosts can also reduce registration costs as well by providing a travel honorarium as well as lodging.

Some hosts elect to provide pubic seats in their courses. If this is the case, typical public registration cost is $425. Check our instructional offerings by segment for current pubic openings.

Contact us for a Host pricing proposal and more information.