Positional Release Therapist Certification

Certification Pre-requisites / Requirements

  • Licensed or nationally certified health care practitioner, e.g., LMT, ATC, PT, DO, MD, PA, RN, DC, PTA (if you are not on this list, please inquire with PRT-i to see if your credentialing fulfills this pre-requisite.
  • Completion of three PRT-i courses: Spine and Pelvis (Required), Upper Quarter, Lower Quarter or Cranial
  • Pre-professional health care students: Currently enrolled health care students from an accredited educational program are eligible for PRT certification, but must receive their professional certification prior to being awarded their PRT-c. Students can take their certification exam after completion of the required three courses noted above. A student who passes the exam, must provide proof of professional certification once obtained.
  • 70% proficiency on written and oral practical certification examination is required
  • Instruction and Certification in PRT is available to the above noted parties regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation
  • Proof of professional certification/license

Needed for Certification

  1. Three (3) PRT courses taken, one of which must be spine and pelvis (see list above)
  2. Successful completion of the written and practical exam with a 70% proficiency
  3. Proof of professional certification / license (e.g., LMT, AT, PT, DO, etc.)

Steps to Register

  1. Look for current certification dates
  2. Inquire with PRT-i about potential or upcoming dates in your area
  3. Register via the link below or via the one provided
  4. Once registered, a study outline will be provided
  • Written examination (50 multiple choice)
  • Practical examination (45 pooled positions)
  • Candidates are notified within two weeks regarding their examination score
  • Professionals must provide PRT-i proof of current professional certification (* Note - students upon professional certification)
  • Exam Cost: $285.00

Retest Option:

  • If a candidate does not pass either the written or practical section of the examination, the candidate will have one year to re-test on either or both sections. The cost is $75.00 for each section individually, or 285.00 for both. If the indivdiual section is not retaken within one year, the candidate will be required to repeat the entire certification examination in full.

Maintenance of Certification and PRT-i Practitioner Network Listing:

  • PRT-c practitioners must complete one additional PRT-i course or refresher every three (3) years after certification.

Price: $1,285.00
Student Price: $585.00

Register Here

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