Course Participant Reviews

I walked away with tangible skills that can be applied in real time.

"I felt like I was able to understand the physiology and the purpose behind the usage of the Positional Release Therapy. I walked away with tangible skills that can be applied in real time."

- Alisha Pennington_ATvantage Athletic Training

PRT-i Course Participant Tells us How our Instruction has changed her Clinical Practice

"PRT has changed the way I approach problems in my clinical practice."

- Course Participant

I've learned a ton of information and have used it to help my patients relieve their pain!

"I'm ready to conquer the world and help everyone around me!"

- Course Participant

This is an awesome tool to have in my toolbag!

"Starting in athletic training, you're taught that modalities and machines are the way to go. It's really refreshing to find a technique that uses the resources you always have with you - your hands."

- Course Participant

Standing Out Above the Rest

"During the [Job] interview process several people I talked to said that I stood out because of the PRT & they were very interested in it. "

- Ira Fowler, MS, ATC, CSCS

I loved every minute!

"PRT works! I learned so much about anatomy. I loved every minute of it! This was a very good course. The facility was nice. The cadaver disection and hands on were amazing."

- C Neider, LPN

New concept

"The individualized attention was most valuable. I appreciate the memorization tricks. The information is so useful and interesting. This was a new concept for me."

- AMTA, SLC, UT Course Participant

Promotes change in practice!

"I will recommend this session to my colleagues because it was great and I will change a lot of my practices. No pain always rules! No pain, big gains! "

- I. Thompson, LMT

I absolutely loved this class!

"I absolutely loved this class! Great technique. The hands on time was the most valuable. Thank you!! I can't wait to learn more."

- C. Nielsen, LMT

It Works!

"After being the patient, you know it works and releases the pain. Even though it was a neck and spine course we learned more than just those releases."

- California Baptist University, Spine and Pelvis Session Particpant

Less Pain for Patients

"This is a great course for a great technique. The most valuable aspect was learning a new way to release tender points because it will be less painful for patients. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. "

- California Baptist University, Spine and Pelvis Course Participant

Wonderful Experience

"It works! Excellent way to get involved with the body and find out where the pain is truly stemming from. It was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot and can't wait to start practicing!"

- H. Hartley, Masters First Year CBU

Information to Treat Patients With

"I wanted to say thank you for coming to Moscow this weekend to do the course. It was a great weekend with a lot of information that I want to take back and start treating patients with. You and Jeff did a great job keeping us on task and in the explanations of everything. It was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully we can work together on a project or something soon!"

- Ryan K, MSEd, ATC Assistant Professor of Biology University of Idaho

Immediate Pain Relief

"I first came to learn of PRT-I at a state conference where Dr. Tim Speicher was presenting. During the presentation, Dr. Speicher asked if anyone had an area that needed relief. I stated that I needed pain relief in my right posterior tibialis muscle in my lower leg. Being an educator in sports medicine with a research background in the human neurological system, I had my doubts regarding the potential benefit to a short treatment of PRT-i. My pain at the time (7 out of 10) was the result of enhanced running with a history of ankle instability, as well as, a dislocated patella on my right side. At that time, I felt that only rest or training modification would provide resolution to the discomfort I was experiencing with my posterior tibialis during ADLs and physical activity. Dr. Speicher performed a position release technique for about 5 minutes during which I felt immediate pain (2 out of 10) and tension relief. Thus, that was my first connection and anecdotal evidence of the potential impact of PRT-i. Following that experience, I was interested and took Dr. Speicher’s course of PRT-i where he provided the scientific theories, as well as, the clinical practice methods from the foot to the neck. The theory regarding PRT-i effectiveness made conceptual sense and the pain relief provided in patients was real. Thus, I support PRT-i and its utility as a manual therapy technique with patients with any musculoskeletal pain or discomfort. Additionally, I would recommend any musculoskeletal practitioner to learn the concepts and take the instructional course to add a new tool that only requires ones hands to their box of therapeutic interventions. "

- Brad H. PhD, ATC/L University of Utah Athletic Training Program Director

Holistic Therapy

"PRT is a very beneficial therapy with a holistic approach. The session was taught with hands on practical application by evaluating and treating live patients. This allows the student to learn and experience PRT as a holistic therapy. Thank you so much for making this course possible for me. I am very excited to join the ranks of PRT professionals. "

- Mark W., ATC, PLNU

Invaluable Tool

"PRTi is an invaluable tool to add to my repertoire. The most valuable aspect was the visual aid of necklace analogy and hands on practice."

- Lower Quarter, University of AL Session Jessica Giles, ATC

Evidence Based

"This technique is evidence based and we were able to see results. The most valuable aspect was the hands on because actually performing the technique helps us to retain the info."

- Arnold L. CSCS - CBU Lower Quarter Session 2012

One on One Instruction

"The course has extremely interesting content. It's a new way of thinking for me. The most valuable aspect was having the instructor able to work one on one with me to better understand the positioning. Thank you so much for coming!"

- Kaitlyn D ATC/LAT Spine and Pelvis Course 2013

Excellent and Applicable

"I feel like I can utilize what I learned immediately to help patients. The instruction was very clear and presented in a manner that is easy to comprehend and remember. PRT is an excellent, applicable technique."

- Missy A., PT - Ogden, UT Spine and Pelvis 2013

Useful and Practical

"This session contains useful, practical information and adds to the toolbox. The hands on lab and background therapy were most valuable. I will be able to use this in my clinical practice. "

- Lower Quarter, University of AL Erin Weaver, Athletic Trainer

Quick Results!

"This was very self explanatory and you get quick results! Now I know how to implement this technique to relieve pain and get better results on rehab."

- Lamor I. ATS - CBU Lower Quarter Session 2012

Changes Thought Process

"I would recommend this session because it changes the thought process for treatment. The most valuable aspect was the knowledge to use it on acute injuries because that is the type I see."

- Lower Quarter University of Alabama Session Participant

Excellent Approach and Easy to Learn

"It’s easy to learn! It’s a very simple, effective treatment method! The instructors have an excellent approach to teaching the technique to a variety of clinicians (student to experienced practitioner). "

- CBU Course Participant

No Pain

"PRT is an easy concept to grasp and there is no pain needed. This is a valuable technique to help my athletes."

- Constantine D. ATC Spine and Pelvis Course 2013

Great Instruction

"The instructors were informative, interesting, and great listeners when we had questions/concerns. The presentation was well prepared and each of the instructors were around to offer their own helpful hints. The hands on experience was plentiful. The theory was broken down and easy to understand. Thank you for bringing 3 instructors. The ADL’s movement instructor was a great inclusion to the program. There was so much lab work and instruction! I appreciated that there were clinicians helping. It was presented in an intriguing way that captured the attention of everyone. The participants were all able to answer questions. Awesome hands-on experience, answered all my questions, gave good understanding of principles and basics of PRT. "

- CBU Course Participant


"This course was professional, informative and interesting. I would like to have my PRTi certification. I loved the whole thing-I know I will be using it."

- Irma A. LMT Ogden, UT Spine and Pelvis 2013

Hands on

"This course was valuable with the actual hands on instruction and receiving feedback from the instructors."

- Matthew M. PT/ATC Spine and Pelvis Course 2013

Experience it First Hand

"I would recommend this session to colleague because it was very informative and the technique is proven by allowing you to experience it first hand. "

- Darbi S. ATC - RMATA Lower Quarter Session April 2013


"This session will give me further credibility and it increased my awareness to help patients. It was hands on."

- Aimee K. ATC- RMATA Lower Quarter Session April 2013

Fast and Effective

"It’s fast and puts your basic anatomy skills to good use to get quick results. Another great tool! The content and treatment method are effective and useful. It gives a different perspective on how to approach clinical practice. As a participant, I was able to experience immediate results and feel a difference in my partner/patient."

- CBU Course Participant


"PRTi has good concepts that are helpful for use in clinics. It is functional and easy to do and understand."

- Jennifer M. ATC Spine and Pelvis Course April 2013

Partner Demonstrations

"This session included a lot of hands-on opportunities. There was plenty of time for one-on-one demonstrations and questions. I valued the partner demonstrations. The hands-on learning is most beneficial for myself."

- Kailynn D., MS, ATC, LAT Spine and Pelvis Course April 2013


"This session was applicable! It was valuable to learn the principles that I can apply to the various muscles. Enjoyed!"

- Araeme L. DPT/MTC

Want More Courses

"I loved both the e-book reference notes and clinical practice because it gave us a tool for our own patients right away. I would like the opportunity to take more courses right away!"

- CBU Course Participant

Note from IMG Academy

"Dear Tim, The IMG Academy Athletic Training and Sports Therapy departments sincerely appreciate your time and attention during the PRT course this weekend. We are very excited to put our new skills and knowledge to good use. Thank you for traveling to Bradenton. We hope you enjoyed the sunshine and look forward to holding another course oin campus! All the Best!"

- IMG Academy


"The instructors were very hands on and willing to help all the students as well as offer individualized tips as they saw fit. Great information and instructions. Very knowledgeable instructors. It is effective in treating patients, period. "

- CBU Course Participant

Thanks to PRTi

"Thanks so much and can't wait for next time! We look forward to using PRT on all of our athletes. Enjoyed it very much!"

- IMG Course Participants

IMG Academy

" I can’t thank you enough for coming down and putting on the course for us last weekend. I will speak for everyone when I say that it was a great experience and will be a great tool for us to use. We already have study and practice sessions scheduled weekly for the next 4 weeks. I have seen everyone practicing and utilizing the technique already this week. I think that its important for ATs to develop manual therapy skills and this is a great technique with great results."

- Patrick T., MS, ATC, LAT, Head Athletic Trainer

I love the e-book!

""Positional Release Therapy is evidence based and we were able to see the results. I would recommend this session to a colleague because of the effectiveness of the technique for patients. The most valuable aspect of the session was the hands on application because it allowed students to practice the technique and receive feedback from the instructor. I love the e-book!""

- California Baptist University Course Participant

Attention to Detail

"The session was very interactive. The hands-on material and teaching was valuable. There was a lot of attention to detail. I love the e-book!"

- California Baptist University Course Participant

No Special Equipment Needed!

""The Instructor made learning the material easy to understand through example. The technique can be used without any special equipment and for a variety of body areas. " "

- California Baptist University Course Participant

I can now go use this in my practice!

"This session challenged my knowledge and growth. I can now go use this in my practice! The theory was valuable and presented very clearly. "

- Jillian H. ATC - CBU Lower Quarter Session 2012

I can apply this now to my athletes!

"PRT is a great instrument to use in the clinical setting. Tim is knowledgeable and he provided the background and detailed reasons for PRT. He knew his stuff! I can apply this now to my athletes!"

- Utah Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Meeting Participant

I wanted to hear more!

"Great speaker! I wanted to hear more! He was upbeat and knowledgeable and utilized the audience well. It was a very effective delivery of content. The nature of the topic allows us to take away immediately usable material. Captivating, Engaging, and Informative!"

- National Athletic Trainers' Association 2012 Annual Symposium Participant

Take away something to use

"This session was hands on and effective.Dr. Speicher was very informative and seems to know his material. The most valuable aspect of the the session was being able to take away something to use on the PT population."

- Utah Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Meeting Participant


"The lab was great! Dr. Speicher was accessible and gave great instruction. I will be looking into taking more classes with Dr. Speicher. Solid!!!"

- National Athletic Trainers' Association 2012 Annual Symposium Participant

Enough instructors to help participants learn!

"Excellent participation/learning lab! Great participant hands on practice. Enough instructors to truly help participants learn!"

- National Athletic Trainers' Association 2012 Annual Symposium Participant

Quick Results!

""I would recommend this session to a colleague because of the quick results. Now I know how to implement this technique to relieve pain and get better results on rehabilitation patients.""

- California Baptist University Course Participant

Come Back!

"I would recommend this session to a colleague because it is an effective technique. The most valuable aspect of the education session was the hands on experience and explaining the theories and concepts because it forces participants to fully understand the technique. Come back!"

- California Baptist University Course Participant

Patients Reviews

Our First Call for Sports Injuries

"As a family of 7 kids, all who play competitive soccer at the premier level, PRT-i is now our first call whenever an injury occurs. We have been treated for displaced bones, knee injuries, locked hips, ankle sprains, and a nerve injury just to name a few. We have been most grateful for PRT-i treating our daughters severe concussion. She was able to get right in and receive treatment. PRT-i treatments were the only thing that provided relief from the constant headaches caused by the concussion. With PRT-i she was able to get back to playing in no time!"

- Mandy Kalista

Back in the Saddle!

"Hi, my name is Madison. I have been receiving PRT (Positional Release Therapy) at the Positional Release Therapy Institute (PRT-i) for 3 years for multiple minor injuries. I ride and train horses. I have competed on a state and national level with my horses until this December when my horse Ember kicked me into her concrete stall wall. I was holding my 4-month old son so instead of catching myself I held onto my son and took all of the force straight to my head and neck. I thought I was okay, but my symptoms just kept getting worse. For two months I was bounced between doctors. Having test upon test done. But no answers. All I knew I was in excruciating pain, I felt like the doctors thought I was just faking it. The pain got so bad that my arms would go numb and I couldn’t pick up my child. I was already in therapy at PRT-i for another injury, but we had to stop for fear that my injury needed surgical intervention. But no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me, so we started therapy again at PRT-i. It has been a long road in my recovery and they have been with me every step of the way. I am finally able to play with my son and ride my horse. It took 8 months, but I don’t know where I would be without the therapy I received with Tim and Colleen at PRT-i. Words can’t express how thankful I am for the amazing work these two do."

- Madison Moench

Nothing Worked Until I Tried PRT

"I had a bike crash that caused some lingering issues in my knee. As a competitive cyclist it was very important that I get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. I ended up seeing 4 different doctors, one of them being a surgeon who was convinced he needed to operate. Luckily the surgeon couldn't get me in until later that month so in the meantime I wanted to try everything else possible. I was guided to Dr. Speicher by some teammates of mine and saw immediate results. I had tried everything: massage, Graston, muscle activation, and extended time off the bike. Nothing worked until I tried Positional Release Therapy and now, after only a few treatments, my knee is 100% better. I went from being scheduled for surgery to pain free in 3 weeks. Not only was I pain free, but Dr. Speicher was able to get the muscles around the injury that had stopped working to activate again. I have never seen anyone who knows the body in its entirety and how it's all connected better. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Speicher saving me from unnecessary surgery and getting me back on the bike pain free."

- Melinda

Sciatic Nerve Pain Gone

"Dr. Speicher and his team have helped me immensely with my sciatic nerve pain. I have suffered for 8 years with this pain and it has been very debilitating at times. He was able to release all the tense muscles and give me immediate relief, but even better, he recognized that I had a leg length discrepancy and that it could be contributing to my hip pain as well. He customized some orthotics for me and I have felt like a new woman! Through his exercises and stretches he has taught me, my strength is back and I feel amazing! If I ever have tight, sore muscles that are contributing to pain, he is the man to see! Thank you so much to him and his staff for their excellent care & genuine concern for me and everyone I have sent there as well!"

- Suzy Robertson

100% Endorsement

"Tim is amazing. I've never experienced treatment that didn't hurt and made such improvements. He has a tremendous knowledge pertaining to injury, treatment, recovery, and prevention. I have never felt better. My performance has improved and my body likes me better. I can't say enough about PRT & Tim. I absolutely trust and endorse him 100%. "

- Caprice C.

95% Pain Free

"Shout out......Tim treated a very sore shoulder of mine on Thursday. I could not even sleep with the pain. On Friday, I was 95% pain free......."

- Kathryn M.

Tried Everything!

"Dr. Speicher is a genius magician. That's the only explanation. I have dealt with debilitating hip pain and have been heartbroken over not being able to run as much as I've wanted to for over five years since a hurdling injury in college. I've tried physical therapy, sports massage, rest, ice, heat, x-rays, cross training, acupuncture, etc. Nothing was working. After less than a year of positional release therapy and some custom running orthotics from Dr. Tim Speicher, I am amazed to be feeling great running and cycling! I am looking forward to unhindered training on the bike this year, and am even training for a half marathon this winter, something I wouldn't have considered just a few months ago. Thank you PRTI!"

- Joan M.

Finally Healed

"I had a cascade of injuries that have finally been healed with Tim. I send everyone I know to see him"

- Colleen N.

7 Minute PR!

" I just wanted to thank you for seeing me last Thursday before I ran the St. George marathon. I enjoyed the treatment and feel like it really helped me. I not only was able to run the marathon pain-free, but also ran a 7 minute PR. I was afraid I would not be able to run the entire race, but finished without any problems. Thank you so much!!"

- Cathy P

Gentle and Immediately Effective

"Tim is amazing. I have been a migraine sufferer for years. His treatment helps reduce the number and the intensity of the migraines I suffer from. I love that PRT causes no pain and helps relieve pain immediately. Treatment is gentle and immediately effective."

- Donna B.

Avoided surgery and pain free!

"For many years I have had pain in my right knee and hip. Several years ago I went to my primary care physician who took X-rays, checked my joints, and then gave me a prescription for pain relief. Two years ago I went to a reputable knee surgeon who once again took X-rays and physically checked my knee. He concluded that the cartilage had been completely worn away over the years. However, he told me knee replacement surgery would not be successful until I had my right hip replaced. Therefore, I made an appointment with one of his colleagues who specializes in total hip replacements and was told that I was the “perfect candidate” for that surgery. I made an appointment for surgery and was waiting for the appointed time when a friend told me I should make an appointment with Dr. Tim Speicher. She tried to explain to me his procedure, but I doubted that he could do anything for my pain since it was a matter of no cartilage in the joints. As the time for surgery grew nearer, my friend’s insistence grew stronger, and I finally made the appointment. Dr. Speicher looked at my X-rays from the orthopedic specialists and agreed that the absence of cartilage was evident. He found that my left leg is ¼ inch shorter than my right leg, had me walk on a treadmill, and analyzed my gait. He ordered orthotics for my shoes and proceeded to administer Positional Release Therapy. After three treatments I realized that I was virtually pain free. The treatments had been so non-invasive and gentle that I had doubted at the time that they could be effective. However, it has now been several months, I walk 3+ miles a day, just turned 70 years old, and I am still almost entirely without pain. I do not take pain medications, but I know if I do extremely hard physical work or injure myself that I can get a treatment and feel better almost immediately. I, obviously, cancelled my surgery and hope that I can avoid having hip or knee replacement surgery altogether. I do not entirely understand how PRT works, but I can attest that it does work! I have recommended Dr. Speicher to many of my friends who have also found relief from pain through his treatments. I am so grateful to have found such an effective and non-invasive therapy. Also, Dr. Speicher is a true professional. He is empathic and compassionate and is truly a one-of-a kind therapist. "

- Elaine J.

I walk normal now...

"I had severe pain issues with my hip for many months. It was difficult to walk normally. I had been to orthopedic surgeons, received a cortisone injection and spent 6 weeks in their physical therapy. I still could not walk without pain and had just about given up. My sister told me about Tim (Dr. Speicher) and that he had helped her with joint pain issues. He has helped me immensely! I walk normal now and without pain. He has helped me with my shoulder too. The guy is a magician!"

- Craig E.

World Record Holder

""Tim really helped get me healthy and remain healthy through some incredibly intense training. Tim is part of my world record breaking team." Brad Barton Masters Track and Field World Record Holder - Indoor Mile Run American Record Holder - 3000 m Steeplechase "

- Brad Barton

100% better

"Tim is amazing! I got plantar fasciitis during the middle of my marathon training. After seeing Tim, I was able to bounce back in no time! My foot feels 100% better and I attribute all of that to Tim and PRT! It works and is amazing. I recommend it to anyone. "

- Lauren E.

W O W!

"Wow, wow, WOW! Tim is freaking amazing with this magic called positional release therapy! I've tried physical therapy, ASTYM, underwater treadmill training . . . I even resorted to torture last season with the dreaded R word - REST! I am, however, seeing the quickest and most significant improvements with Tim! In addition to PRT (which in and of itself is amazing), Tim looks at the big picture and provides answers to the symptom etiology, which I believe is most important for long-term athletic endeavors. He doesn't just temporarily treat symptom A; he treats symptom A AND cause B so that symptom A doesn't come back. And he's fantastic at giving life advice as well! Tim, thank you for helping me so that I can continue doing what I LOVE until I'm 90!! :) (Yep, I just might be one of those 80 year-olds featured on tv finishing another Ironman!) :) "

- Brandy S

Relief Immediately

"I started going to PRTI in February for a jaw issue that had started over the holiday season, the specialist that I went to referred me. At first I thought I don't understand how this is going to help the situation, but since the pain was unbearable, and I do not like to take medications, I thought lets see what happens. To my surprise I noticed some initial relief immediately, and each treatment there after the pain became less, my jaw pain has been considerably reduced. "

- Ann E.

Dr. Speicher fixed me!

"Big thanks to Dr. Speicher for 'fixing' me! I'm on the road to full recovery from ACL surgery and PRT has been one of the golden nuggets of therapy. It's resolved so many points of inhibition in my body that's almost unbelievable. "

- BJ S

Pain and Injury Free!

"Thanks to Tim, my marathon training has been pain and injury free! PRT-i is an amazing therapy that really works and the best part is it doesn't hurt! I have been able to really enjoy running after understanding why I was having pain in the first place. Tim has helped me so much and I would recommend this therapy to anyone wanting to become a better runner and of course not have injuries....what more could you ask for!"

- Arrienne W

Collegiate Runner Sets new PR's!!

"I started running seriously as a sophomore in high school. With lots of hard work I was able to go from one of the slower kids to one of the best in the state by my junior year. I was totally pumped for my senior year. However biomechanical issues that I had always had with my form started to catch up to me. This eventually resulted in a devastating muscular injury in my calf that stopped me from running only a month before the high school cross country national championships. I looked for help from all kinds of doctors and physical therapists before I found Tim Speicher. I was immediately impressed by his running specific knowledge and expertise. He knows his stuff. Thanks to his help with positional release therapy I was able to put together a good race at nationals. However the greatest thing Speicher did for me came after that event. Frustratingly, my injuries returned after my miracle race and would persist into indoor track. After an enlightening biomechanical analysis I got to work strengthening my weaknesses that were the cause of my unstable form. Without the combination of Tim Speicher's strengthening program and other therapy there is no way I could have come back in the spring like I did. After a lot of work and closely following Speicher's advice I jumped from being injured to where I was not only racing and healthy again but breaking all my PRs. I ended up running a 4:22 mile and 9:19 two-mile as a senior which was unbelievable to me after all the struggles I had had. I owe a lot of that to Tim Speicher. I learned so much from him about how to train smarter and avoid injury. I am pumped to implement what I learned moving forward as a collegiate runner so that nothing gets in the way of my racing. I seriously learned how I could have prevented every injury I had ever struggled with thanks to understanding my weaknesses and how to take care of my body better. I wish I had known about PRTi sooner! "

- Andrew A.

Pain Subsided

"The first visit had with Tim at PRTi the immense pain I was experiencing in my foot completely subsided. The pain came back but at about 1/3 of the pain level. After only 3 visits to Tim my pain is almost all gone, and I am feeling more active than I have in a long time. I am very happy with the treatments and feel like they are worth while. "

- Jennifer

Guidance to avoid injury

"Just have to say thanks to Dr. Speicher at PRT-i. The help I received relieved my pain. More importantly, I got the guidance needed to continue building muscle, avoid further injury and enjoy activity again. Thanks, Tim!"

- Louise M

Almost instant pain reduction and muscle relaxation

"I am a 67 year old male who continues to enjoy rock and ice climbing, mountaineering and backpacking as a result of the athletic training and positional release therapy I have received from Tim Speicher. I have never known anyone with such a deep understanding of the mechanics of the human body. His use of positional release therapy provided almost instant pain reduction and muscle relaxation. His diagnostic skill, therapeutic expertise and prescription of specific targeted exercises have helped me overcome injuries that could have ended my ability to participate in my beloved outdoor sports. My only regret is that he now lives half a continent away. I first met Tim in 2003 while rock climbing at a crag near my home in Connecticut. I was without my regular climbing partner (my wife, Caltha) as she had been having severe knee problems. Tim and I climbed together and hit it off as friends. I invited Tim over to my place for post-climb refreshment and to meet my wife. While relaxing on the patio, we learned that Tim was a positional release therapist and certified athletic trainer. Caltha explained to Tim the nature of her ongoing knee issues, and that she had been recommended to have a highly invasive surgical procedure with a very lengthy recovery period and only a limited chance of fully regained abilities. I remember Tim saying "I think I may be able to help you" and he did, beyond our wildest hopes. I will not go into further detail on this, as Caltha is preparing her own testimonial. At some point after Tim had helped Caltha fully recover her ability to join me in climbing, mountaineering and backpacking, I began experiencing post-climb elbow pain, which became chronic. I sought help from Tim and learned that my problem stemmed from compensating muscles making up for an undiagnosed and untreated partial rotator cuff tear suffered in a fall a decade earlier. He used positional release therapy to alleviate pain and proscribed a regimen of strengthening exercises that I continue to follow. I have had no more issues of elbow pain, and continue to enjoy rock and ice climbing. Thank you Tim, for your great skill as a healer. "

- Jerry A

Rare healer who deeply understands the human body...

""Tim is one of those rare healers who deeply understands the human body and knows how to fix what's not working. I sought out Tim's services when I was unable to walk because of severe knee pain. I had sought help from a variety of health practitioners without any success. Tim helped me regain health and taught me proactive strategies that have kept me out there hiking, back packing, rock climbing, ice climbing and more for the past ten years.""

- Caltha C.