Our Team Approach

A multi-faceted osteopathic treatment approach is utilized to treat a variety of injury and pain conditions. The practitioners of PRTi analyze a patient's symptoms from an orthopedic, biomechanical and physical modality lens in order to prescribe the correct treatment regimen. We are partnered with manual therapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists and physicians to meet your individual needs and goals.

Services Offered

  • Positional Release Therapy (PRT)
  • Acupressure
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Compression Boot Therapy
  • Cryo Chamber Therapy 
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Fit3D Full Body Scan 
  • Gait Retraining: Improve Running Economy and Prevent Injury
  • Infrared & Chromatic Therapy 
  • Massage Therapy (Pre and Post Event, Thai, Medical, Orthopedic, Myofascial, Deep Tissue)
  • Medical Marijuana Screenings (State of Utah Only)
  • Muscle Activation 
  • Music Therapy- Advanced Brain Technology
  • Nutrition Coaching 
  • Personal Training
  • Over the counter Orthotics (shoe inserts)
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR)
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Natal Therapy
  • Running Form Analysis 
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Spinal Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Specific Core Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Therapy Exercise Instruction


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