How to Solve Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain: The Wheelhouse Protocol (U.S. Patent Pending)


Chronic low back pain has been identified as a significant problem worldwide. It has significant cost to employers and employees as a result of time lost from work (Hoy et al. 2012) as well as indirect treatment costs (Krismer and Van Tulder 2007). Nonspecific low back pain comprises 90% of low back pain cases, which have no known cause (Krismer and Van Tulder 2007). Kuchera (2008) pointed out that chronic pain often results in "anxiety, depression, and a reduction in quality of life" (p. 33). Without an apparent pain source or cause, treatment is often a challenge for clinicians, and the ambiguous nature of the condition makes it difficult for patients to endure. A new theory is proposed for the cause of this condition and a treatment protocol will be introduced, called The Wheelhouse ProtocolSM, to "cure" the patient, with presentation of emerging clinical data to support the treatment protocol/approach. With 90% of low back pain cases involving chronic non-specific low back pain, clinicians are uniquely positioned to identify the cause and implement treatment quickly to resolve the condition before it produces other maladies.


After this session, participants will:
1. be able to identify 3 causative factors of chronic non-specific low back pain (LBP)
2. be able to identify the proposed primary condition causing chronic non-specific low back pain and;
3. be able to articulate how The Wheelhouse ProtocolSM may be effective in the treatment of chronic non-specific LBP


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Lesson 1: Wheelhouse Course

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