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Solving Chronic Somatic Conditions with Integrative Positional Release Therapy

The positional release therapy (PRT) advance track seminar will provide the clinician instruction on how to approach and treat chronic somatic conditions, such as low back pain, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band friction syndrome, athletic pubalgia and tennis elbow.  Participants will receive hands-on instruction of targeted PRT techniques and will learn how PRT may be integrated into an overall treatment regimen to improve the therapeutic outcomes of these tough to treat conditions.  Additionally, seminar participants will gain an understanding behind the theory and practice of PRT as well as the research that supports its application for treatment of chronic somatic conditions. Total CEUs for this course are 6.0 EBP (Evidence-Based Practice) CEUs and 2.0 CEUs for a total of 8 CEUs. 

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