Spine and Pelvis Positional Release Therapy Course Positional Release Therapy Institute

South Ogden, UT

  • 8/3/18 Fri 3:00pm - 8:30pm
  • 8/4/18 Sat 8:00am - 5:00pm

Spine and Pelvis PRT

In this session:

1. You will learn spine and pelvic PRT techniques and clinical approaches to specific pathological conditions, such as low back pain, piriformis syndrome, anterior innominate rotations and others.

2. Course attendees will learn how to "cure" chronic non-specific low back pain using the Wheelhouse Protocol developed by Dr. Speicher over the last 15 years.

3. Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of surface anatomy, learn how to appropriately palpate tender points and trigger points

4. Participants will receive one-on-one instruction in how to perform a myofascial scanning evaluation.

5. Course attendees will also be taught basic instruction on activity of daily living instruction for management of low back pain and biomechanical influences that can serve as myofascial restriction triggers.

Sample Agenda Must wear lab clothes for this session (e.g.,Tank-top or sports bra for women) 10.5 CEUs eligible for Physical Therapists and PTAs 6.0 EBP and 6.5 Category A CEUs approved for Certified Athletic Trainers and Massage Therapists

Course Pre-Requisites:

Licensed or nationally certified health care practitioner, e.g., LMT, ATC, PT, DO, MD, PA, RN, DC, PTA (if you are not on this list, please inquire with PRT-i to see if your credentialing fulfills this pre-requisite). Pre-professional health care students: Currently enrolled health care students from an accredited educational program are eligible for training and certification, but must receive their professional certification prior to being awarded their PRT-c.

Course Policies and Procedures:

Click here to review our course policies and procedures, e.g., refund, cancellation, etc.

Course Textbook/Materials:

We highly recommend you purchase the course textbook or e-book for the course, but it is not required. You will receive a discount if you register as a HK Rewards Member. Course Materials: Our PRT textbook or e-book will be provided prior to the course at a discounted rate but is not required for attendance.

Clinical Guide to Positional Release Therapy With Web Resource

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Positional Release Therapy Institute

1702 E 5600 S, South Ogden, UT, 84403, USA

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Video Testimonial

The PRT Course Participants speak to their experience with the Positional Release Therapy Institute at a recent 2013 course in Riverside CA.